Refrigeration Plant Simulator (RPS)

The simulator includes several most widespread types of refrigeration plants used in fishing, food processing and transportation. They are:Refrigeration plant for provision stores

  • refrigeration plant of provision stores;
  • industrial deep-freezing plant of conveyer type;
  • plate-type freezers;
  • refrigeration plant with indirect cooling system;
  • ice-making apparatus;
  • refrigeration plant of air conditioning system (with climate control automation).

The simulator provides facilities for education, the refrigeration process study, operational training, most maintenance procedures and emergency training. Simulator permits individual, group and team training with or without Instructor supervision.

Simulator system components

Simulator software consists of Instructor workplace software and trainee workplace software.

Deep-freezing plant


Trainee software components: system layout and mimic diagram, control and monitoring panels, alarm panel.

Instructor software provides:

  • online class control and monitoring for up to 12 trainees;
  • debriefing – exercise recording, playback, analysis;
  • exercise editor.

Functional capabilities

  • controls identical to real ones;Air conditioning system
  • monitoring of parameters – pressures, temperatures, levels, and so on;
  • pen-recorder for up to 18 parameters simultaneously;
  • different coolants;
  • modeling of a lot of faults and failures;
  • generation of acoustic and light alarm signal;
  • manual and automatic modes of operation;
  • variable environmental conditions (ambient air temperature and humidity, sea water temperature) and plant load (product temperature and quantity)