Inmarsat mini-M

SAILOR TT-3064A mini-M Maritime Telephone

TT-3064A Capsat Maritime Telephone operates like a standard cellular phone, yet with a reach that spans the oceans. Due to its small size and low weight it is easy to use and install. The Capsat Maritime Telephone is the perfect communication tool, handling telephone, fax, and e-mail/Internet messaging in a cost-effective manner, and putting worldwide communication at your fingertips.

With its lightweight and compact transceiver and antenna, the Capsat Maritime Telephone takes just 1 1/2 hours to install. The tracking antenna is only 24 cm high, has a diameter of just 21 cm and weighs a mere 2.2 kg/11 lbs, making it the world’s smallest automatic 2-way maritime tracking antenna. The antenna can be located up to 70 metres from the transceiver.

It is possible to protect a range of functions via a PIN code. A full call log function keeps track of the last 50 calls and an encryption option is available for maximum communication security. SIM card operation also provides the option of multiple user access and individual billing.


Electronics Unit Dimensions: 25 x 268 X 211 mm
Maritime Stabilised Antenna Dimensions: 210 x 240 mm
Electronics Unit Weight: 1,3 kg
Maritime Stabilised Antenna Weight: 2,2 kg
Power Supply:: 10-32 VDC
Ship Motions: Roll ± 25 deg
Pitch ± 15 deg
Yaw ± 8 deg
Sway ± 0,2g
Surge ± 0,2g
Heave ± 0,5g
Turning rate ± 12 deg/s
Headway 30 knots
Wind (EME): 100 knots
Icing (EME): Up to 25 mm of ice
Spray (EME): Solid droplets from any direction
Precipitation (EME): Up to 100 mm/hour
Shock: Half sine, 20g/11 ms
Ambient temperature: -25°С – +50°С operating
-40°С – +80°С storage
  • Antenna cable 10 and 20 m
  • Fax