MAR GE V2 transmitter

The MAR GE V2 Argos-GPS transmitter is specially designed for fishing vessel monitoring. It automatically transmits the position, speed, and heading of the fishing vessel to the Argos satellite system. The MAR GE V2 can also transmit catch reports which include fish species and quantities with a Psion data terminal or with a PC.

The MAR GE V2 is robust and the installation is very simple. It can be installed by the crew while the ship is on her way.

  • Full global coverage (from North to South Pole)
  • Positions accurate to within 100 meters using a GPS receiver
  • 24 hourly positions plus intermediate positions given at satellitesЎЇ passes
  • Vessel speed (in knots) and heading (in degrees) given by the GPS
  • Backup positioning via the Argos satellite system
  • Installed in an hour, active immediately
  • Robust all-in-one design for marine environment
  • No computer required
  • Back up battery in case of main board power failure

Compact and convenient interface box for fishermen:

  • Secured button to request assistance (option)
  • 15 meter cable to connect the external power suply of the vessel
  • Connection for an optional Psion keyboard
  • Connection for optional sensors (winch engine, fish pump, thermometer, etc.)
  • Light display (transmitter powered, transmission active)




Interface box
Ø165 × 135 mm

150 × 110 × 60 mm

dome to interface box

interface box to main board power
15 m

5 m


Interface box
1.45 kg

0.5 kg




Waterproof capabilities: IP-66 (splashproof, non submersible)
Power Supply: External 12-24 VDC (12 to 50 VDC tolerance)
Consumption: 200 mA average drain (at 140 seconds transmit interval) at 24 V
Internal battery: 72 h autonomy in case of main board power failure
Output power: 32 dBm (1.5 W)
Output frequency: 401.650 MHz ± 30 kHz
Argos transmitter: certified by CNES
Argos Message: up to 224 bits, standard 140 second interval
GPS Receiver: μBlox12-channel
GPS fix intervals: transmission of the GPS fixes obtained at 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals
Instantaneous speed and heading: transmission of the speed and the instant heading for all locations
Beeper for special events: activation when the main power supply is off, or when the request for assistance button is pushed
Positions saved: transmitted positions are saved for 6 months at 60 minutes GPS acquisition interval
Tamper-proof features: – A switch indicates if the main dome or the back-up battery compartment has been opened and transmits a speecial alert via the Argos satellites

– Tamper-proof seals encasing the dome and electronics box

– No access to the programming interface