VHF Radio installations

Class D DSC VHF Marine radio JMC RT-2500

  • Compliant to EN 300 698-2, EN 301 025, EN 60945, EN 300 828, EN 60215
  • Transmits and receives on all 55 International Marine VHF channels selectable directly from the front panel or from remote control microphone.
  • A single press of the DISTRESS key in an emergency allows you to broadcast your ship’s ID and GPS-derived data including your position coordinates, date and time in the DSC format. The keytop is protected against accidental keypress.
  • The DSC Position Send/Request feature allows you to transmit/receive GPS-derived position between your vessel and other vessels.
  • The Tri-watch function, activated by a single press of a dedicated key, allows monitoring on channel 16, channel 9 and one user-specified channel.
  • Remote control microphone with a backlit keypad for making user-settings or for instant selection of a desired channel without having to reach the front panel.
  • Programmable scanning of user-specified channels selectable using a dedicated key
  • A public addressing (PA) function is built in, and its output is available for connection to an optional external loud speaker.
  • A dedicated key for instant switching of transmit power between high (HI) and low (LO) levels, with automatic low power setting on mandatory low power channels.
  • Housed in a waterproof cabinet to ensure dependable service under the exacting marine environment


Channels: 55 International Marine VHF-FM channels
Transmit: 156.050 – 157.425 MHz
Receive: 160.050 – 162.025 MHz
Sensitivity: 0.25 µV for 12 dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 75 dB @ ±25 kHz
Transmit Power: 1W or 25W selectable on all channels, except channels 75 and 76 where power is fixed at 1W
Antenna Impedance: 50Ω nominal, unbalanced (coax connector)
Audio Output: 2.8W nominal
Public Address Output: Approx. 6W nominal, 4Ω
Built-in Speaker: Ø1.82″
Ambient Temperature:
-15°C to +55°C
-30°C to +60°C
Cabinet: IPX-7
Dimensions: 63 × 159 × 183 mm
Weight: Approx. 1.1 kg with remote control microphone
Power Requirements: 13.8V±15%
Power consumption:
5.6 A
0.7 A
0.2 A




The new SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC continues the SAILOR tradition of setting new standards for GMDSS VHF design. It is a vital tool for daily operation and has been developed for the harsh maritime environment as part of the innovative SAILOR 6000 Series. It is based on the same foundation of high reliability, ease-of-use and leading-edge functionality that has positioned SAILOR as the top name in maritime VHFs.

SAILOR 6222 VHF provides flexibility through straightforward installation, either as part of a GMDSS console or on its own. As a result of improved, high performance and innovative, easy-to-use functionality the radio offers important operational enhancements. It introduces several new hardware and software improvements, including the improved SAILOR Replay functionality. The highly advanced 3.2” QVA display ensures the information can be read regardless of the light conditions on the bridge – day or night. The text can be displayed as white on black background, and as black on white background, to provide the optimal reading condition in daylight. Red backlight protects the night vision of the user.

  • Unique SAILOR Replay (240 sec.) of incoming communication
  • High quality display – perfect night and day vision
  • Powerful 6W loudspeaker
  • Intuitive and easy to operate menu structure
  • Large tactile buttons and wheelknobs for easy operation
  • The popular and reliable SAILOR handset
  • ThraneLINK

The SAILOR 6222 VHF is the first ever DSC Class A to be rated waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8, making it possible to install on open workboats or outside deck areas.

The new SAILOR 6222 VHF complies with the new DSC spec. 493-13 for VHF DSC Class A, which is part of the mandatory requirements for SOLAS vessels, and many national GMDSS requirements. In addition to its role as part of GMDSS it is one of the most advanced, high quality and powerful VHF radios available today, it is suited to a wide variety of maritime operational communications on board fishing vessels, merchant, offshore ships and workboats.

A broad portfolio of high quality accessories is available for the SAILOR 6222 VHF, which improve its installation flexibility and operational scope. Handset, hand microphones, SAILOR 6204 Control Speaker Microphone for bridge wing operation, as well as Alarm Panels and external loudspeakers, enable multiple users in different locations to utilize the high performance GMDSS Communication system.

SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC Basic Configuration:

  • SAILOR 6201 Handset with cradle
  • User manual
  • Installation guide
  • Emergency call sheet
  • Mounting bracket with two knobs
  • Connectors for cables
  • Power cable, fittings and fuses
  • Packaging material
  • Kit for flush mount installation, including gasket
  • SAILOR 6090 Power Converter 24 to 12 V


SAILOR 6201 Handset with cradle (additional). One SAILOR 6201 Handset with cradle is included in the delivery of the SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC. You can connect another 2 SAILOR 6201 Handsets.

SAILOR 6203 Handset with cradle, waterproof to IPx6

SAILOR 6202 Hand Microphone. You can use the SAILOR 6202 (waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8) Hand Microphone instead of the handset.

SAILOR 6204 Control Speaker Microphone. With the SAILOR 6204 Control Speaker Microphone you can control the VHF functions of the SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC.

SAILOR 6207 Connection Box for parallel handsets. The SAILOR 6207 Connection Box including Connection Cable 406209-941 is used for easy installation of several SAILOR 6201/03 Handsets

SAILOR 6208 Control Unit Connection Box. The SAILOR 6208 Connection Box including Connection Cable 406208-941 is used for easy installation of external equipment and accessories.

SAILOR 6270 External loudspeaker. If you need an additional external loudspeaker you can connect a SAILOR 6270 Loudspeaker. It provides 6 W output power.

SAILOR 6103 Multi Alarm Panel. With the SAILOR 6103 Multi Alarm Panel you can activate GMDSS Distress Alarms. The Multi Alarm Panel can be connected to the SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC via the Ethernet interface (LAN connector, ThraneLINK).

SAILOR 6197 Ethernet Switch. The SAILOR 6197 Ethernet Switch is used in installations with SAILOR 6103 GMDSS Alarm Panels and in installations with ThraneLINK. The Ethernet switch has 5 ports.

SAILOR 6090 Power Converter 24 V to 12 V DC. The SAILOR 6090 Power Converter is used to provide 12 V DC for the SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC from a 24 V DC power source.


Channels: All Int., US, Canadian and BI channels, incl ATIS and ATIS Killer. up to 100 private channels
Channel spacing: 25 KHz / 12,5 KHz
Operation modes: Simplex /Semi-duplex
Modulation: G3EJN for Telephony,

G2B for DSC
Temperature range:
-25 to +55°C
-30 to +80°C
Supply voltage: 12 VDC Nominal (10,8– 15,6 VDC)
Current consumption: Max. 7 A
Current consumption at 12 VDC (no accessories connected) RX: 0.5 A
TX: 5 A
Current consumption at 12 VDC (all accessories connected) RX: 0.7 A
TX: 7 A
Water ingress: IPx8 and IPx6 all over
Frequency range: 156,000-161,450 MHz
Sensitivity for 20 dB: < -119 dBm typically @ 20 dB SINAD CCITT weighted
AF rated Power Internal loudspeaker: 5W
Output for External loudspeaker: 5W (8 Ω)
Distortion: ≤5%
S/N ratio: Better than 43 dB
Spurious emission: ≤2 nW
Spurious response rejection: More than 74 dB
Intermodulation response: More than 73 dB
Co-channel rejection: Better than —10 dB
Adjacent channel selectivity: More than 74 dB
Blocking level: More than 94 dBμV
Frequency range: 156,000-161,450 MHz
Transmit power: 25 W and 1 W
RF output power:


25 W +0 dB / – 1.5 dB

1 W +0 dB / – 1.5 dB
Frequency error: Below 500 Hz
Adjacent channel power: Below 75 dB
Conducted spurious emission: ≤0.25 µW
Distortion: ≤3%
S/N ratio: Better than 46 dB
DSC specifications
DSC operation: According to Rec. ITU-R M.541-9 and Rec. ITU-R M.689-2, EN 300338-2
DSC protocol: According to Rec. ITU-R M.493-13 – Class A
Navigator interface: According to IEC 61162-1 GLL, RMC, ZDA, GGA, VTG, GNS
Symbol error rate: Below 1×10-2 —113 dBm or 0.20 ?V p.d.
Modulation: 1700 Hz ± 400 Hz. 1200 baud
Frequency error: Below ± 1 Hz
Residual modulation: Below —26 dB
Transceiver dimensions: 107 × 241 × 132 mm
Transceiver weight: 1.5 kg



Sailor RT5022 VHF DSC

Thrane & Thrane has developed the SAILOR RT5022 VHF with a focus on creating a reliable and user-friendly VHF, not only for everyday communication, but also for critical situations where lives may depend on it. All this combined with Thrane & Thrane’s advanced technologies have led to the introduction of a state-of-the-art VHF containing revolutionary new features.

As a world first, the SAILOR RT5022 VHF introduces the Replay function for improved communication and safety at sea. Push the Replay button and the SAILOR RT5022 VHF will replay the important messages you may just have missed.

Thrane & Thrane has developed the SAILOR RT5022 VHF with the aim of making a durable and powerful tool. Much effort has gone into creating user-friendly menus and buttons, optimal displays, good audio, a carefully designed handset that fits perfectly in your hand, as well as easy and flexible installation. The display has been thought over like never before, resulting in separate menus, one for the most used standard VHF functionalities and one for the DSC functions. The design and positioning of the buttons have been well planned with large tactile buttons for main functions and tactile knobs for volume and squelch.

All functionalities fulfil the obligation to provide easy and intuitive operation while retaining the basic SAILOR merits; durable, reliable high-quality VHFs created for rough conditions at sea, combined with new technologies and inventions. The SAILOR RT5022 VHF aims to take history into the future.

  • Conforms to all relevant international requirements and resolutions as agreed by ETSI, IEC, ITU and IMO as well as other national requirements, i.e. ETSI EN 301 925, ETSI EN 300 698-1, ETSI EN 300 338, ITU-R M.493-11, ETU-R M.541-9, IEC 61162-1 and IEC/EN 60945 (CU5000).
  • Replay function (duration 90 seconds of received data)
  • 7-segment display for primary functions
  • Graphical display with sleep mode for secondary functions
  • All text and indicators in displays are red for improved night vision
  • Display with Marine AR anti-reflection filter
  • Efficient dimming of displays
  • Powerful built-in 5W loudspeaker
  • Ergonomic handset
  • Easy to use, intuitive menus
  • Scroll function
  • Quick selection function
  • Alarm mute button
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Tactile knobs for volume and squelch
  • 25 to 1 watt switch button
  • Built-in DSC Class A
  • Dual watch
  • Scanning
  • Flexible installations with bracket and/or flush mounting
  • Address book: 200 DSC addresses for vessels and coast stations
  • Up to two semi-intelligent control units can be connected

New functionalities soon available as options for the SAILOR RT5022 VHF:

  • Scrambler for private communication
  • Menu in various languages
  • Squelch settings for individual channels

SAILOR RT5022 VHF DSC Basic Configuration:

Transceiver SAILOR RT5022

The SAILOR RT5022 includes a very powerful transmitter, as well as a very sensitive, selective receiver, which reduces blocking and intermodulation from other VHF or AIS products installed. The integrated DSC functionality has been designed for ease of use. The built-in loudspeaker is both powerful and provides very clear sound quality. The SAILOR RT5022 can be fitted to any bridge, flush mounted or in a bracket. Installation is facilitated through a built-in switch mode power supply.

Handset SAILOR HS5001

The SAILOR HS5001 Handset fits perfectly in your hand and has high sound quality. The design reduces wind noise in the microphone and the speaker unit covers the ear very well, making hearing easier in a noisy environment.

Semi-intelligent Control Unit SAILOR CU5000

The SAILOR CU5000 has been carefully designed for use on bridge wings or other secondary operating positions. All primary VHF functions and quick muting of incoming DSC alerts can be operated from this unit. It has been tested as exposed equipment and is water resistant to IP66.


Channels: All Int., US and BI channels. Up to 30 private channels in 3 ]separate banks designated F,P or L. Each bank contains 10 private channels.
Channel spacing: 25 KHz / 12,5 KHz
Operation modes: Simplex /Semi-duplex
Modulation: G3EJN for Telephony,

G2B for DSC
Frequency stability: Better than ±3 ppm
Aerial connectors: Standard 50Ω female SO239
Temperature range: -15 to +55°C
Supply voltage: 12V to 24V DC nominal
Supply voltage range: (10,8V to 31,2V DC)
Frequency range: 149.30 – 163.75 MHz
Sensitivity for 20 dB: ≤ -121 dBm or 0,20 µV p.d.
AF rated Power Internal L.S.: 5W
Output for External L.S.: 5W (8 Ω)
Distortion: ≤5%
Spurious emission: ≤0,25 µW
Adjacent channel selectivity: 74 dB
Frequency range: 149.30 – 163.75 MHz
RF output power:


25W +0dB / –0.5 dB

0.85W +0.5 dB / –1 dB
Conducted spurious emission: ≤0.1 µW
Distortion: ≤5%
DSC facilities:
DSC protocol: According to Rec. ITU-R M.493-11 Class A
Navigator interface: According to IEC 61162-1 GLL, RMC, ZDA, GGA, VTG, GNS
Symbol error rate: Better than 1*10-2 @ -121 dBm or 0,20 µV p.d.
Modulation: 1700Hz ± 400Hz 1200baud
Frequency error: ≤1 Hz
Residual modulation: –26 dB
Transceiver dimensions: 100 × 200 × 210 mm
Transceiver weight: 3.6 kg