Radio facsimile receivers

Furuno FAX-30

The FURUNO FAX-30 can turn any commercial PC into a weather fax and NAVTEX receiver. This “BlackBox” receiver unit allows direct connection with a single Ethernet cable to a commercial PC showing weather charts and satellite images.

The standard package includes the receiver unit and installation materials. An optional antenna and Windows based PC are required for basic operation. The information can be viewed simply by using an Internet browser, there is no complicated software to learn.

Print out the weather and NAVTEX information by using a printer interfaced with a PC. In addition, the FAX-30 has no mechanical moving parts, which provides maintenance-free and cost-effective solutions for safety information gathering.

The FAX-30 receives weather map broadcasts from a fax transmitting station working under World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards. Up to twelve received pictures can be stored on the internal memory.

Drum speeds, Index of Cooperation (IOC), and other essential parameters are manually or automatically selected to ensure quality reception. The fax station, which provides optimum image quality, can be searched utilizing the auto channel mode. The station is selected according to the quality of the signal reception. Phase and synchronization can be adjusted even after the reception is completed.

The stored pictures can be freely rotated or zoomed in/out on the screen. Display colors are selectable from three patterns of color, eight tones of gray scale and monochrome.

With a built-in NAVTEX receiver, you can view up to 130 recently received NAVTEX messages. The NAVTEX messages cannot be received while receiving FAX images.

  • Cost effective paperless weatherfax and Navtex receiver
  • Connect directly to a 10.4″ NavNet display or through an Ethernet hub
  • Connect to a generic PC equipped with Ethernet
  • User friendly softkey menu operation on NavNet display
  • Web browser navigation on generic PC, no proprietary software required
  • Print images and messages from generic PC and printer
  • Store a maximum of 12 images on NavNet display (depending on file size)
  • Stored images/messages can be shown at any time
  • Thumbnail view for easy selection of stored images
  • Phase and synchronization adjustments even after completed reception



Fax LF

Fax HF

80-160 kHz

2-25 MHz

490 kHz, 518 kHz
Class of Emission:



Receiving System: Double superheterodyne
Number of Channels: 1000
Scanning Speed: 60, 90, 120, 180 or 240 rpm, automatic or manual selection
Display Color: Monochrome, 8 shades of gray, color
Networking Interface: Ethernet 10 BASE-T TCP/IP
Power supply: 12-24 VDC, 1,0-0,5 A
Min. system requirements for PC:





Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP

600 MHz

128 MB

1024 × 768

IE 5.01 SP2/5.5 SP2/6.0 SP1 or Netscape Communicator 4.78/6.2/7.0
Dimentions: 300 × 217 × 45 mm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Waterproof: IPX2
Temperature: -15°C to +55°C
Equipment list:
  • Receiver Unit FAX-30
  • Installation Materials and Spare Parts (including 5 m Power Cable)
  • Preamp Unit FAX-5 with 15 m cable
  • Whip Antenna for FAX-5 04S4176
  • Antenna Fixing Clamp OP08-11
  • Extension Kit for Antenna Cable OP-04-2 10/20/30/40/50 m
  • PC Adapter Cable MJ-A6SPF/TM11AP8C050
  • HUB Adapter Cable MJ-A6SRMD/TM11AP8-005



JMC FX-220

  • Stationary thermal-head printer with 8″ x 30 m thermo-sensitive paper for quiet, odorless recording of weather charts
  • Synthesized up-conversion dual superhetrodyne receiver covering alll radio fax broadcasts in LF, MF and HF bands
  • Automatic starrt/stop and selection of scan rates and IOCs
  • 273 factory-programmed channels for immediate recall of world-wide fax broadcast frequencies, scan rates and IOCs
  • 200 user-programmable channels for storing frequencies, scan rates and IOCs
  • Timer function for automatic reception of desired broadcasts at desired times
  • 8-gray level half-tone recording for faithful reproduction of satellite cloud images
  • Interfaces with external communications receiver


Printing Head: stationary high resolution thermal head
Recording Paper: thermo-sensitive, TF50KS-E4 or equivalent, 216mm (8″) x 30m per roll
Horizontal Resolution: 1712 dots/line
Tupe of Receiver: Up-conversion superhetrodyne, with 1st IF at 90 MHz and 2nd IF at 455 kHz
Frequency Coverage: 80–160 kHz 2–24 MHz in 100 Hz steps by PLL-based frequency synthesizer
Selectivity: 2,2 kHz at 6 dB down
Memory Capacity 273 factory-programmed channels storing world-wide fax broadcast frequencies, scan rates, and IOCs 200 user-programmable channels
Programmable Data: frequency, scan rate, IOC, and start time
Timer Function: 2–10 starts per 24 hours
Power Requirements: 11–36 VDC, floating recording

approx. 1A at 24 VDC during recording

approx. 0,9 A ata 24 VDC during standby
Ambient Temperature: 0-40°C, 80% RH (without condensation)
Weight: approx. 6,5 rg (with paper installed)