Transas NaviGator

NaviGator represents the next generation of powerful PC-based navigation systems. Specifically designed for the leisure sailor or power boater, this system is both comprehensive and easy to use. NaviGator is available in two versions, Standard and PRO, both using the highly regarded Transas vector charts offering true worldwide coverage.


Split Screen option

The Split Screen option allows two charts to be displayed side by side enabling the user to view their overall route whilst monitoring their current position in detail. In addition the screen image may be adjusted for day, dusk and night to optimise the viewed image for different lighting conditions.

Vector chart presentation
Transas vector charts are a layered digital image of the original paper chart. They offer the same information as their paper counterpart but have a number of vital benefits. When zooming into to a Transas vector chart the only thing that is enlarged is the “geographical mass”, all the xt, buoying and navigational symbols remain the same size. This ensures that there is no distortion and offers incredible clarity making chart viewing easier.Route planning

Chart Overlays
Symbols, lines, text and shaded areas may be added to the charts. This allows the user to customise charts to indicate favourite anchorages, fishing spots or dive sites. This function also allows image or text files to be attached. These could include pilotage photos or notes about a marina or favourite restaurant.

3D chart imaging

3D chart imaging
This function will generate a 3-dimensional image of the active chart area including your vessels position. This image may be rotated on both horizontal and vertical axis.

Instrument Logging
Navigator PRO will log information from all instruments that are connected to the system. This data can be viewed, printed and your passage replayed using the Playback function.Electronic log book

AIS Interface

  • Visualization of targets and target movement parameters
  • Target identification by MMSI number, Call Sign, Name, IMO number
  • Reception of Safety Related Messages (Broadcast) and Sender visualization
  • Target data visualization – Base Station, Class A, Class B, AirCraft
  • Safety parameters set-up while target tracking (CPA, TCPA)
  • Reception and display of on-chart targets, equipped with AIS transponders, plus the following additional data if transmitted: MMSI number, Name, call sign and IMO number, Course, speed and position, Rate of turnAIS Interface

Tide and currents
The new Tide & Currents database comprises about 5000 reference points, being based on Admiralty T&C as the key and most up to date resource. Tides & Currents is an option for viewing and analyzing dynamic changes in sailing conditions, depending on tidal heights and surface currents direction. The option enables viewing changing dynamics of tide and current factors and affecting sailing conditions with varying discretion by means of Environment Data Display.


NaviGator Standard vs. NaviGator Pro

Features Standard Pro
Colour vector chart presentation Yes Yes
Dual chart panels Yes Yes
Absolute and relative motion Yes Yes
Bearing: «Nord», «Course», «Route» Yes Yes
All spot depths full sea bed information Yes Yes
Day/dusk/night display Yes Yes
Zoom (in/out) Yes Yes
Chart autoload Yes Yes
Instant range and bearing calculation Yes Yes
Chart scrolling Yes Yes
Layers switching Yes Yes
Info function Yes Yes
Route planning function Yes Yes
Search and rescue function No Yes
Route checking function No Yes
Port information No Yes
«Man over board» Yes Yes
3D picture No Yes
User definable layers Yes Yes
Alarms: «off-course», «off-route», «off-chart» Yes Yes
Alarm «route point» Yes Yes
Alarms «danger depth», «guard zone», «danger approach» Yes Yes
1st position sensor (GPS) Yes Yes
Echo sounder interface Yes Yes
Gyro compass interface No Yes
Magnetic compass interface No Yes
Speed log interface No Yes
Wind sensor interface Yes Yes
Drift, temperature sensors No Yes
Autopilot No Yes
Navtex interface (suitable Navtex required with RS232 printer output) No Yes
WP in/out capability No Yes
Playback feature No Yes
Navigational automatic entry No Yes
Printout facility No Yes
Screen printout Yes Yes
Weather Wizard module option Yes
Tides and currents module option option

Minimum software requirements:

  • Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
  • Windows NT v4.0 Serviсe Pack 5
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v.5.5 or higher
Component Minimum requirements
CPU P-III-450 or higher
RAM 128 Mb or higher
HDD 1 Gb free disk space
Display 1024×768 or higher, High color (16 bit), 4 Mb VRAM
Perifery CD-ROM, mouse or track-ball
LPT or USB port 1
COM port 1

Standard set included includes 1 CD with Tsunamis NaviGator, options and charts, registration card, registration key and operator’s manual.