Radar Integrator Board RIB6

The Radar Integrator Board RIB6 is designed for the reception of analog video signal from the radar and its digitizing, pre-processing and relay of the radar signal to the dual network as per network protocols for the TRANSAS navigational products.

The RIB6 is intended as means to connect Scanners or even the radars from different manufacturers to a dedicated computer executing the Transas Navi-Radar and Navi-Sailor software.

Radar processor (RIB6) is an interface device between different types of radars/scanner sets and the Transas MFD system (ECDIS/RADAR). The RIB6 needs to be configured for the chosen radar type by on-board switches and appropriate software setup. The RIB6 board currently supports two different the radar interfaces: discrete signal interface and composite signal interface.

Scanner control functionality is provided by serial COM port (RS422 interface). Scanner control protocol is implemented in Transas software.

Discrete radar interface

This is the most widely used interface for integration of Transas navigational work station and scanner unit. This interface uses four individual connectors for Trigger, Azimuth and Heading pulses and Video.

Composite radar interface

Composite radar interface is based on single connector between radar processor and the radar. This line contains all interface components: trigger pulses, antenna position codes and raw video signal. Only two types of composite signals are supported: Atlas 9600 (SAM1000) and Raytheon Pathfinder ST Mk2.

Digital radar interface (Ethernet) — under development

This type of interface is based on usage of the internal radar signal processor, which is a part of radar transceiver. Navigational workstation is connected to the scanner by means of standard Ethernet network.