NaviSailor 3000 ECDIS-I

Electronic Chart Display and Information System Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I comprises all the functional capabilities of ECDIS Navi-Sailor 3000, as well as the unique hardware and software complex Track Control System, which provides the possibility to keep a ship automatically on a pre-planned track with minimal participation from the navigator. Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I could be applied both as all-sufficient isolated system and as part of Integrated Navigational System. The system is certified.

New functional capabilities

  • New resolution of Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I graphic interface was implemented: 1600×1200 dpi.
  • Track Control System (software module). The systems processes signals coming to Navi-Sailor ECDIS from positioning sensors, gyrocompass and log, and controls the process of vessel movement according to a pre-planned track in automatic helm regime. The Track-Control System meets all the requirements of IEC 62065 standard and is DNV certified.
  • Trial Manoeuvring 3000. This function allows playing over diverse manoeuvre variants for collision avoidance, considering the parameters of safe approach to them (CPA/TCPA), as well as represent and fix the played over manoeuvre at the electronic chart for the control of the vessel movement according to manoeuvre.
  • Electronic charts in SENC format (CD 8). Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I provides the possibility to work with electronic charts in SENC format (System Electronic Navigational charts). The process of converting S-57 (ENC) format charts to SENC format is DNV certified and meets all IHO requirements.
  • Electronic charts in DNC format. Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I also supports DNC format, corresponding with American MIL-STD-2407 standards, which are based on “Feature/Attribute Coding Catalogue (FACC)” normative document.
  • Ship contour representation display. This function serves for significant navigational safety increase in narrow areas (channels, anchorage), and also while towage and mooring. The function allows representing the realistic contour of the vessel, created in accordance with technical vessel specification, at the chart panel.
  • Route planning. The route planning function was significantly expanded. Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I allows specifying the turner radius and will of a point, to determine and change XTE graphically at the chart, to lay route lag, considering sectors, colors and visibility range of lights and lighthouses (for TX-97 and S57 format charts).
  • Integration with GNSS sensor. For definition of vessel location GNSS sensor receives signals from two satellite systems: GP (NAVSTAR) и GLONASS. The processing of the GNSS sensor data is provided in Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I, – GNSS sensors are installed as positioning system, – as well as representation of precision and status of the data, received from GNSS sensor.
  • Integration with new types of board data input systems (keyboards) ES4 and ES3.
  • Integration with DSC500 sensor. The possibility to connect the Ross DSC500 sensor to the system and to process data signals coming from the sensor. Interface allows representation of the received DSC500 sensor targets and their MMSI numbers data at the chart panel.
  • Integration with NavCon02 sensor. NavCon02 sensor is applied for the connection of the analogous gyrocompass and\or log to the navigational system Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I.
  • Mathematical. Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I calculates distances (Rhumbne / Great Circle) considering WGS-84 datum.
  • Converting route data in MS Excel format. The possibility of prompt converting and saving of the route data in MS Excel format.
  • Route calculator. This function allows prompt calculation of the distance between any two points of the route, created in Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I.
  • Means of bearing and distances fathoming. Two additional independent means of bearing and distances fathoming at electronic chart (EBL/VRMs) were incarnated, as well as their integration with operational control at ES3 keyboard.
  • Second informational display. The possibility of second independent informational display representation is provided in Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I.