Dozens of hydrogen fuel cell vessels are planned to be built in Russia

We are talking about pleasure boats and a ferry
In Russia, it is planned to build a series of recreational electric vessels powered by hydrogen fuel cells. As Yuri Dobrovolsky, President of the AFC Sistema Hydrogen Technology Center, said on the sidelines of the 10th Anniversary International LNG Congress, held in Moscow with the participation of PortNews, we are talking about the construction of a series of pleasure boats at the Imperium shipyard near St. Petersburg. The vessels are planned to be built both by order of the city government (about 10 units) and for customers from friendly countries. The total number of vessels may be about 50 units.
At the same time, it is planned to launch its own production of electrolyzers (for hydrogen production) in 2024, and fuel cells in 2025.
The passenger capacity of the vessel will be 20 passengers, length 15 m, engine power (produced by AFK Sistema) 60 kW. One refueling is enough for their operation, its duration is about 6 minutes. The absence of the need to create a network of electrical outlets at the berths is one of the advantages of the project.
In addition, work is underway on a hydrogen fuel cell ferry for operation on Siberian rivers.

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