“Antey” organized a big crab flight along the Northern Sea Route

Six vessels of the Antey group of companies with almost a thousand tons of live Kamchatka crab pass the Northern Sea Route — from the Barents Sea to the Far East. The first four vessels have already reached the port of Zarubino in Primorsky Krai.

The entire fleet — crabbers and transport vessels — left Vladivostok for the Arctic Circle in mid-July. As reported to Fishnews in the press service of the Antey Group of Companies, the Arctic vessel was the first to return to Primorye, on which a live Kamchatka crab was reloaded in the Barents Sea. The passage along the Northern Sea Route is not an easy but necessary logistics corridor, the group of companies noted.

“Due to the difficult economic situation in the world, we have to look for new ways to transport the crab. This is a rather difficult, not always economically profitable job. Since now the largest sales market is Asian countries, and the Kamchatka crab fishing season is quite short, we decided to use the Northern Sea Route,” said Yuri Bakalyar, General Director of Antey Sever LLC.

The journey from the Barents Sea to Primorye takes about 20-25 days, depending on weather conditions. In order to deliver the cargo in the best possible way, the specialists of “Antey” have developed a special life support system for crabs — these animals need a constant change of seawater in tanks.

Since the water in the Arctic Ocean is strongly desalinated due to melting ice and the abundance of flowing rivers, a closed system is used during transportation: water in tanks is passed through filters with maintaining a temperature favorable for crabs – no more than + 2 degrees.

The holding recalled that the group of companies is opening up new ways of “crab” logistics: By the Northern Sea route, road, rail and air transport.

“To date, Antey is the only company in Russia engaged in the extraction and processing of crab in two fisheries basins of the country at once — the Far East and the North,” said Sergey Skali, Deputy Director General of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation for the support of investment projects.

He drew attention to the fact that state support measures — preferences of the regimes of the free port of Vladivostok and the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation – help the group of companies to develop the fleet. For example, as part of the investment quota program, eight modern crabbers are being built at the Nakhodka Shipyard by order of Antey.

In addition, after the US ban on the import of Russian seafood, Antey became the first organization that managed to reorient the supply of crab harvested in the north to the Asia-Pacific countries in a live form, Sergei Skali noted.

Original article:“Антей” организовала “крабовый кортеж” по Севморпути (ruposters.ru)