The second Khabarovsk crab was handed over to the customer

Primorye hosted a solemn ceremony of raising the flag on the crab ship project 03141 “Kedon”, built at the Khabarovsk Shipyard. It was timed to coincide with the 85th anniversary of the Khabarovsk Territory. This is the second vessel completed under the “Keel Quotas” program at the Khabarovsk Shipyard. In the future, krabolov will become part of the Russian fishing fleet.
The event was attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the region Yevgeny Romanov, Director of the Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Plant Andrey Bekasov, First Deputy General Director of Mag Sea International LLC Nikolay Kotov, representatives of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, plant workers and the ship’s crew.
The crab vessel “Kedon” was laid on the stocks of the Khabarovsk Shipyard on March 31, 2020, together with its twin brother, the vessel “Omolon”. The order was made by Khabarovsk shipbuilders for the company “Mag-Si International”. On August 27, 2022, the Kedon left the slipway shop and was launched, mooring tests began. On September 1, 2023, an act on the transfer of the vessel to the customer was signed.
– I express my deep gratitude to the staff of the Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Plant for their conscientious, highly professional work aimed at strengthening the industrial potential of the country, raising the prestige of the region, as well as to the management of the Mag-Si International company for their trust in the construction of ships at our plant. On behalf of the Khabarovsk Territory government and on my own behalf, I congratulate all of you on a significant event in the life of the enterprise! I wish the team new labor achievements, more orders for the construction of ships and ships. Happiness, health and well-being to you and your families! – Evgeny Romanov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Khabarovsk Territory, addressed the participants of the ceremony.
Then he awarded the best workers of the Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Plant with letters of thanks and certificates of honor from the governor of the region.
It should be noted that the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, together with the United Shipbuilding Corporation, will continue to support the Khabarovsk Shipyard in terms of increasing the production load. Now the issue of defining it as the only supplier of amphibious hovercraft “Murena” is being worked out. Negotiations are also underway with fishing companies on the construction of fishing vessels within the framework of the draft state program of the second stage “quotas for keel”.

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