RS launches a service for issuing an ice safety passport for a vessel

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS, Register) expands the scope of services for ships. From September 15, 2023, the RS service for issuing an Ice Safety Passport of a vessel begins to operate.
According to Alexey Zakharov, Head of the RS Research and Engineering Department, the service is focused on ships of the current fleet. The passport can be issued both for vessels in the RS class and for vessels in other classes, regardless of whether the vessel has an ice class RS. In the process of developing the document, in accordance with its own methodology, the RS performs the necessary calculations of the strength of the ship’s side structures, the parameters of the power plant and the propeller complex. Taking into account the design features of the vessel, acceptable scenarios and optimal operating conditions are calculated (speed, distance during icebreaker wiring, etc.), which reduce the risk of damage to the hull when interacting with ice.
“A detailed engineering assessment, implemented in the format of an Ice Safety Passport, makes it possible to expand the operational capabilities of the existing fleet of Ice1– Ice3 and Agc4 – Arc5 ice categories and thus provide additional potential for increasing the volume of cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route,” the RS specialist noted.
The RS will present detailed information about the conditions and format of the new service at the conference “Register in the context of the current time. RS Engineering and Consulting Center” within the framework of the NEVA-2023 International Exhibition. The RS conference will be held on September 18, 2023 from 14:00 to 18:00 in the conference hall H7 of the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center, St. Petersburg. At the end of the event program, a free discussion is provided, where industry experts will be able to ask all the questions they are interested in.

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