Inmarsat company continues work on restoring services after the April failure — Morsvyazsputnik

There are still some problems in the operation of the system
Inmarsat Company provided updated information on the continuation of work on the restoration of mobile satellite communication services of the BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband, IsatPhone (GSPS) standards, as well as services providing the transmission of information on the safety of navigation (IBM) and air traffic in the L-band, and providing them in full in the Pacific region (POR / APAC) after an emergency situation on the spacecraft in April 2023. FSUE “Morsvyazsputnik” writes about this in Telegram.
An emergency situation on the Inmarsat I-4F1 spacecraft occurred on April 16, most services in the region were restored by April 18, but still some failures persist. “A decision has been made to move the I-4 F2 spacecraft to the I-4 F1 spacecraft standing point (to the Asia and Pacific Region (APAC)) to restore the uninterrupted provision of services in the region in full. In accordance with this plan, the Russian national interface station “Marsat-4″ will continue its work through the Alphasat spacecraft (at the standing point of the 25th century),” Morsvyazsputnik reports.
Recommendations on the necessary actions on the part of users will be provided in a timely manner. In case of problems in the provision of Inmarsat services in Russia, it is recommended to contact the support service of FSUE “Morsvyazsputnik”.
As reported by IAA PortNews, the Russian Center for the Monitoring System of Fisheries and Communications (CSMS) informed about the problems with the transfer of ship positions via the Inmarsat satellite system in the morning of April 17. This led to a complete loss of services, including voice communication and data transmission. On several fishing vessels, problems were noted with the submission of ship’s daily reports due to the lack of other satellite communication channels.
According to the FSUE “Morsvyazsputnik”, the failure in the Inmarsat system was caused by the failure of one of its solar panels and is not related to external influences.
Inmarsat (Inmarsat) is a British satellite communications company founded in 1979, initially as an interstate organization. Manages a group of 11 geosynchronous (geostationary) telecommunications satellites. It is actively used in the fleet, in particular, Inmarsat-C communication terminals are conventional equipment included in the Global Maritime Disaster Communication System (GMDSS) and are mandatory for installation on all ships making international voyages.



Компания Inmarsat продолжает работы по восстановлению сервисов после апрельского сбоя — Морсвязьспутник (