Samsung Heavy Industries has developed the technology of unmanned vessel traffic

The South Korean company Samsung Heavy Industries has successfully tested an unmanned navigation system of its own design installed on board a marine vessel. From June 27 to July 1, a large container ship with a capacity of 15 thousand twenty-foot containers made an unmanned flight of 1,500 kilometers from the port of Kozhe in Gyeongsangnam-do province, where the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard is located, to the port of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. The radar station installed on board the vessel detects the presence of obstacles within a radius of 50 km from the container ship around the clock. When the obstacle is 1.800 meters away, the container ship’s steering wheel automatically moves to the right or left to get around it. During the five days of sailing, the container ship avoided collisions with other vessels 90 times and 9 thousand times with other obstacles, including underwater rocks. The route laid by the unmanned navigation system corresponds by about 92% to the route determined by experienced navigators,” Kim Jae-woo, a representative of the Center for Unmanned Navigation of Samsung Heavy Industries, said in an interview with KBS. When the vessel is moving in unmanned mode, radar, satellite signals and an automatic positioning device adjust the position of the container ship every five seconds. In addition, vessels can be controlled remotely from shore bases via 5G networks. Samsung Heavy Industries has been developing in this area for seven years. The unmanned navigation system was first applied to small vessels in 2020, and last year a vessel with a displacement of 9,200 tons passed 950 km in unmanned mode.


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