MRF-2022: CSMS and Sitronics Group — on the way to technological sovereignty in the information support of the fishing industry

The Center for the Monitoring System of Fisheries and Communications (CSMS) and the Sitronics Group company (part of the AFC Sistema group) signed an agreement on the development of cooperation in providing remote satellite monitoring of fishing vessels and water areas for the conservation of aquatic biological resources, state supervision of commercial navigation in fishing areas. The event took place on the sidelines of the V International Fishing Industry Forum and the Exhibition of the Fishing Industry, Seafood and Technologies in St. Petersburg on September 22 in the presence of the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov.
The document defines cooperation in the following areas: creation and deployment in orbit of a constellation of satellites with Automatic Identification System (AIS) data receivers, receiving AIS data, integrating them into existing systems, developing a comprehensive solution for collecting and providing AIS data to consumers. In addition, the parties will cooperate on the development of satellite and ground-based equipment for conducting an experiment on the transmission of short messages to ships, the deployment of ground stations for receiving AIS data from Sitronics Group satellites in Russian regions, including on the basis of the existing CSMS infrastructure.
“We have identified a wide range of areas of cooperation with Sitronics Group, and each of them is promising, taking into account the course taken for import substitution, including in space. AIS data and Earth remote sensing data from satellites will be used for operational monitoring of vessels and water areas,” said Alexander Mikhailov, Head of the CSMS.
“We are pleased to conclude an agreement today with the Center for the Monitoring System of Fisheries and Communications. It is a key industry consumer of our satellite data. The competencies and accumulated experience of the CSMS will allow us, within the framework of our partnership, to implement a large—scale project for technological sovereignty in the information support of the fishing industry in the shortest possible time,” said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of Sitronics Group
As part of the exhibition at the CSMS stand, Sitronics Group presented a Russian ultra-compact satellite of the CubeSat 3U format, the analogues of which will ensure the operation of the domestic automatic identification system of ships (AIS).
The company plans to launch 70 spacecraft equipped with AIS receivers in the period up to 2025. Obtaining such data is of increasing relevance in connection with the development of the Northern Sea Route, the development of navigation on water transport corridors.


Original: МРФ-2022: ЦСМС и Sitroniсs Group — на пути к технологическому суверенитету в информационном обеспечении рыбопромысловой отрасли (