In Khabarovsk, the launch of a new crab “Omolon” took place

On 16.05.2022, the launching ceremony of the crab vessel project 03141 “Omolon” took place at the Khabarovsk Shipyard. The vessel is being built as part of the fleet renewal program based on the results of crab auctions with investment obligations.

The Omolon crab was laid in March 2020. This is the first of two crabbers under construction for the Magadan company Mag-Si International LLC.

The vessel is designed for fishing for crab and shrimp traps, as well as for storing the catch in chilled seawater with subsequent transportation of fresh product to the port.

The length and width of the vessel of project 03141 are 63.27 m and 10.6 m, gross capacity is more than 1,000 tons, navigation autonomy is 45 days, the number of crew is 21 people.

Ahead, the ship is waiting for mooring tests and the transition to Vladivostok.