Yaroslavl – Topical issues of the development of space instrumentation were discussed by the participants of the field meeting at the Yaroslavl Radio Plant PJSC (YARZ, the company of the Russian Space Systems holding of the Roscosmos State Corporation) Chaired by Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Roscosmos. The event was attended by the acting Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Mikhail Evraev, Director General of the RKS Andrey Tyulin, Director General of the YARZ Vladimir Filimonov, Rector of Yaroslavl State University Alexander Rusakov, representatives of Roscosmos, enterprises of the RKS holding, the regional administration.

The main topics of the meeting were the expansion of existing and the creation of new production facilities at the Yaroslavl Radio Plant, the organization of an innovative industrial park of radioelectronic technologies, the formation of an advanced engineering school in the Yaroslavl region, training of personnel for the rocket and space industry in the system of secondary vocational education in the region and other aspects of cooperation between Roscosmos enterprises and companies in the region.

Dmitry ROGOZIN, General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation: “Thanks to the unique experience and advanced production technologies, Yaroslavl Radio Plant is one of the leading suppliers of instruments and equipment for spacecraft of the absolute majority of projects of the national space program. In 2018, the installation and testing building for the production of spacecraft payload modules was commissioned at YARZ, which expanded the company’s production potential and reduced the time for the creation of spacecraft. In addition, the company traditionally produces command VHF radio stations for equipping combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. Broadband communication equipment is also presented in the line of marine communications. Satellite communications and emergency rescue equipment for the development of the Northern Sea Route are under development.”

After the Yaroslavl Radio Plant joined the RKS in March this year, the enterprise became the main holding site for the serial production of space products, which will increase production capacity for the production of high-tech equipment. Earlier, the Board of Directors – the main body of strategic management of space instrumentation in Russia – identified the main directions for the integration of the Yaroslavl Radio Plant into the RKS holding and plans for its loading.

Andrey TYULIN, General Director of Russian Space Systems JSC: “As part of the RKS holding, the plant will organize a highly economically efficient serial production in the interests of the parent enterprises of Roscosmos, as well as for non-space industries. YARZ becomes the basic serial plant of space instrumentation, a kind of instrument foundry. It will produce both current-generation products on rocket and space, aviation, marine, and ground–based topics, and a new generation – highly integrated systems, complexes and devices based on Systems on a Chip and Systems in a Housing. The technological operations of the plant have already begun to be loaded in the form of digital models and routes into the unified space of digital libraries and CAD systems of the RKS holding. Thus, the products designed by the RKS enterprises will be guaranteed to fit into the production landscape of the Yaroslavl Radio Plant.”

During Dmitry Rogozin’s working trip, issues of expanding cooperation between Roscosmos and enterprises of the Yaroslavl region were discussed. The Keldysh Center and the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, which are part of the State Corporation, are ready to offer local enterprises water treatment and water treatment technologies developed by specialists of these companies. Another area of cooperation will be the organization of a system of training highly qualified engineering and working personnel for enterprises of the rocket and space industry on the basis of educational institutions in the region.

As a result of Dmitry Rogozin’s visit, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Roscosmos State Corporation and the government of the Yaroslavl Region.