The solemn ceremony of laying the keel of the MFNIS “Viktor Ilyichev” took place at the Zvezda shipbuilding complex

The solemn ceremony of laying the keel of the multifunctional research vessel “Viktor Ilyichev” took place at the Zvezda shipbuilding complex in Bolshoy Kamen. This is the first of two vessels for the construction of which the state has allocated about 28 billion rubles.
According to the press service of JSC Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, the vessel will be named after Russian scientist Viktor Ilyichev, who made a significant contribution to the development of oceanology, hydrophysics and hydroacoustics. His relatives watched the course of the ceremony among the guests.
IFIS will be involved in scientific research in the waters of the World Ocean. Scientists will be able to carry out hydrometeorological measurements, sampling, storage, analysis of seawater samples, work with submersible scientific equipment, measurement of magnetic, gravitational, electric and thermal fields, biological and environmental studies, high-resolution geological and hydrographic survey of the bottom, selection and analysis of samples of rocks and sediments, express analysis of the results of expedition field measurements, work using underwater equipment and environmental monitoring of the environment.
The main characteristics of the vessel: Arctic class – Arc4, length – 122.5 m, width – 20 m, side height – 10 m, draft – 5.6 m, displacement – 8130 tons, range more than 7,500 miles, autonomy – 50 days, speed – 15 knots. The capacity of the main power plant is 7840 kW. The vessel will also be equipped with a helipad.
Recall that in July 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation identified SSC Zvezda as the sole executor of the contract for the construction of two vessels provided for by the national project “Science and Universities”. About 28 billion rubles were allocated for this. The construction is planned to be completed within three years.

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