Accreditation from the Italian classification community RINA Service S.p.A.

The company “ZORA” has successfully passed accreditation and received a certificate from the Italian classification society RINA Service S.p.A., for the right to carry out the following activities:

Inspection and testing of radio communication equipment and automatic identification systems (AIS)

Annual performance testing of Flight Data Recorders (VDR) and Simplified Flight Data Recorders (S-VDR)

Onshore Maintenance of Emergency Radio Equipment (EPIRB)

ZORA engineers have the right to perform annual inspections of flight data recorders and simplified flight data recorders of the following manufacturers:

SAL Navigation AB: Consilium VDR/SVDR types M2, M3, M3.5, S1, S2, F2

Danelec Marine A/S:DM100, DM200, DM300, DM400, DM500, VDR/S-VDR

Beijing Highlander Digital Record Technology Co Ltd: HLD-A2, HLD-S, HLD-B2, HLD-S2, HLD-VDR600/SVDR600

Qingdao Headway Marine Technology Co.Ltd: HMT-100, HMT

It is allowed to perform onshore maintenance of ARBs of the following manufacturers:

Seas of Solutions (McMurdo/Kannad):E3, E5/G5,E8/G8/G8 AIS, Kannnad 406Wh and other variations.

Samyung ENC CO., Ltd: SEP-406, SEP-500

Jotron A/S: Tron 40S mkII, Tron 40 GPS mkII, Tron 60S/GPS

Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp: Afalina, ARBM-406H

RINA Services S.p.A. is a company from the RINA Group that provides services mainly in the field of ship classification and testing of their equipment, inspections and certification. RINA Group is a multinational group of companies performing inspections, certification, conformity assessment, classification of vessels, dealing with environmental pollution prevention, product testing, supervision of production facilities and suppliers, training and consulting on technical issues covering a wide range of industries and services. RINA Group operates through a network of companies specializing in the marine industry, energy, infrastructure and real estate, transport and logistics, food and agriculture, environmental protection and sustainable development, finance and public organizations, as well as business management. RINA is recognized as an authoritative member of major international organizations and an important participant in the development of new legislative standards.