The first crabber “Okhotsk” built in the Far East of Russia has been handed over to the customer

On Friday, September 10, in Vladivostok, the shipbuilding plant of JSC Vostochnaya Verf handed over to the customer the first crabber “Okhotsk” built in the Far East of Russia. The state tricolor was raised on the ship, and in 11 days she will be heading north, where the first fishing will take place.

Crabber-in the colors of the Russian tricolor. It is named after the first and oldest Russian Far Eastern settlement of Okhotsk. And this is not accidental, because the fishing vessel is also the first – born of its kind-before it, such ships were not built on the eastern outskirts of the country. The crabber Okhotsk was built according to the project 03141, or rather, according to the project of a modified model of Japanese fishing schooners. His sketches, external and internal appearance were developed by the company SC “Viking”, and the customer is “Far Eastern Coast” Co., Ltd. The main tasks of the vessel are crab fishing and its transportation.

In December last year, the crabber first came out of the dock and touched the water, after which it was completed and brought out for testing in the water area of Vladivostok. They were completed quite recently and successfully. Navigation equipment, power plant work as it should, customers were satisfied with the controllability and stability of the vessel. The navigation characteristics are also satisfactory – it quietly develops a speed of up to 13 knots.

The project department of the company “ZORA” has developed project documentation for the installation of a complete set of navigation and radio equipment, in-ship communication and public address system. Throughout the entire implementation of the project, the engineers of the company “ZORA” closely cooperated with the specialists of the “Eastern Shipyard”, performed the installation and commissioning of all ERN systems. At the final stage of the construction of the Okhotsk crabber, before going to sea trials, our specialists successfully carried out checks for the presentation of the vessel to the RMRS inspection, an analysis of the electron-magnetic compatibility of the equipment installed on the bridge and in the accommodation, as well as acceptance procedures.

The lead vessel marked the beginning of a whole series, the company “ZORA” is proud of its participation in such a significant project for the completely Far Eastern region of the Russian Federation, which is able to bring the fishing of biological resources to a new level.