A Russian “green” tanker of the Aframax type was launched from the slipway of the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex

This is the second vessel in a series of 12 large-capacity tankers with a deadweight of 114 thousand tons. The lead tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” was handed over to the customer in December 2020.
A powerful new-generation tanker is designed to transport oil in an unlimited navigation area. The vessel is designed in compliance with high standards of environmental safety. The main and auxiliary power plants can operate on both traditional and environmentally friendly fuels — liquefied natural gas, which meets the new world environmental standards.
The length of the vessel is 250 meters, width 44 meters, deadweight 114 thousand tons, speed 14.6 knots, ice class ICE-1A.
The Aframax tanker was launched with the help of the Vimpel transport and transfer dock-one of the largest in Russia.
Currently, the tanker is towed to the completion embankment, where the mooring stage of testing will be organized: work on checking the ship’s systems and equipment for further preparation for sea trials and transfer to the customer.
To date, the portfolio of SSK Zvezda includes 12 Aframax tankers, 10 of them are commissioned by Rosnefteflot JSC (a profile subsidiary of Rosneft). At the moment, six Aframax tankers are being manufactured and assembled in the workshops and on the slipway of the enterprise.
The Aframax tanker was launched with the help of the Vimpel transport and transfer dock. The dock is the most important element of the shipyard. It makes it possible for SSK Zvezda to fulfill orders for the production of ships that could not be built at Russian shipyards before. The floating dock is unsupported and allows for longitudinal rolling of vessels from three different slipways of the shipyard and transverse rolling of offshore objects.

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