FCV-38-Echo sounder with built-in pitching sensor and fish size indicator

The FCV-38 is an echo sounder with a built-in pitching sensor and a fish size indicator; it guarantees a stable display of echo signals in any marine environment. The narrow beam of low frequency -38 kHz and high power-4 kW allows you to get a clear image of shoals of fish and the seabed, even at great depths.

FCV-38 Features:
Split beam reception and transmission provide simultaneous search and display in a maximum of five directions
Unique detection capabilities and stable image thanks to the built-in pitching sensor
When connected to a satellite compass, the vertical pitch correction function provides a constant, stable display of echo signals.

Output of scientific data for the study of bioresources and the possibility of calibration
Ability to display information from the trawl sensors
(Compatible models: TS-337A, TE-155 (Marport) and TI System (Simrad)
Displaying information about the type and density of the soil
The FCV-38 provides an accurate estimate of the size of the fish, thanks to an improved algorithm for calculating the size of an individual fish, similar to that used in the FCV-2100 and FSS-3BB models.

Original:FCV-38 – Эхолот со встроенным датчиком качки и индикатором размера рыбы (furuno.ru)