The company “ZORA” has successfully passed certification

Our company, has successfully passed certification from PJSC “PNPPK” for the right to promote and sell PGM-C-010, PGM-V-024 gyrocompasses and their peripheral devices for commercial and civil fleets.

The Certificate is valid until December 31, 2021.

The PGM-C-010 gyrocompass is designed for use on commercial and civil fleet vessels. Due to its small size, short availability time and high accuracy, there are no restrictions on the type of vessels for its use. The gyroscopic compass is fully consistent with the IMO requirements and has approval certificate of Russian Maritime register of shipping.

The gyrocompass provides course information with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. PGM-C-010 is equipped with a large display, which, in addition to course data, can display: latitude and longitude, ship speed, turning speed, travel time, current time, failure of compass blocks, etc. The device provides accurate readings at speeds up to 70 knots, trim angles up to 45° and latitude up to 85° (which allows you to use PGM-C-010 on icebreakers). At latitudes above 85°, the PGM-C-010 gyrocompass operates in gyro azimuth mode. Information about the course is issued in the form of a digital (RS232/422), step or sync signal.

The gyrocompass is a monoblock, the body of which is made of polyurethane foam. The heart of the gyrocompass is a dynamically adjustable gyroscope-a high-precision sensor that provides tracking speeds of up to 100° per second.

The PGM-C-010 is a liquid-free gyrocompass and this greatly facilitates its maintenance: no additional heating or cooling of the equipment is required, no need for periodic determination and compensation of azimuth drift.

pgm-v-024 – is a gyro horizon compass equipped with a medium-precision motion sensor. The sensor is designed on the basis of fiber-optic gyroscopes. PGM-V-024 is used to determine the ship’s course relative to the geographical meridian, pitching angle and to issue the received data to external consumers. designed for use on various types of vessels, including passenger and special purpose vessels. a distinctive feature is the short availability time, automatic start – up and exhibition relative to the meridian. The correction is based on the information received from the ship’s GPS/GLONASS receiver and on the signal from the lag.

The gyro horizon compass meets the requirements of IMO Resolution standards and IEC directives. certified by the russian maritime register of shipping.