The government did not support the bill to create a unified state pilot service

The government of the Russian Federation gave an official response to the draft Federal law “on amendments to the code of merchant shipping of the Russian Federation”. Recall that the draft law introduced by state Duma deputies Sergey Mitin, Viktor Pavlenko, Lyudmila Talabayeva and Tatyana Gigel proposed changing the system of pilotage services in Russian ports and creating a unified state pilotage service.
Brief summary of the review: “the government of the Russian Federation does not support the draft law”.
• The status of the organization, the procedure for its creation and operation, including funding, is unclear from the provisions of the draft law;
• The draft law proposes a de facto monopolization of the provision of pilotage services for vessels on approaches to seaports, while no statistical data or information on the inefficiency of the existing system of control over the implementation of pilotage is provided in the materials to the draft law;
• The financial and economic justification for the draft law does not contain an assessment of the measures taken in terms of their socio-economic effect, as well as an assessment of the impact on the budgets of the Russian Federation and individual economic entities;
* Restriction of the possibility of pilotage activities only by state pilotage services was recognized by the Constitutional Court as inconsistent with the Constitution (resolution of the constitutional Court of the Russian Federation No. 7-P of April 6, 2004).