Icebreaker “Arctic” completed the first wiring of the vessel on the Northern sea route

On November 24, in the port of Sabetta, the main universal nuclear icebreaker “Arctic” completed the wiring of the cargo ship “Radiance of the North”. This is the first operation of the nuclear-powered vessel since its commissioning, the press service of Rosatom reports.
The icebreaker “Arctic” took the ship “Radiance of the North” under wiring at the entrance to the Gulf of Ob on November 23. The average speed of the caravan was 10-12 knots.
“The first entry of the main universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika into the Gulf of Ob demonstrated the efficiency of the vessel’s operation on the sea channel,” said Leonid Irlitsa, first Deputy General Director and Director of shipping at Atomflot. – Excellent maneuverability characteristics and draft of the nuclear-powered vessel allow it to guarantee safe icebreaking operations on one of the most intensive navigable sections of the Northern sea route. Please note that a new generation icebreaker is being run-in on its first working voyage. The crew can only identify and eliminate mechanical defects in their work. This is a common process that occurs during the commissioning of any vessel. The crew learns the icebreaker’s capabilities and gets used to it.”
The lead universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika sailed from the port of Murmansk on November 14. On November 16, commissioning work was carried out on the Kola Bay roadstead that was not related to the ship’s nuclear power plant, then the icebreaker headed to the waters of the Northern sea route for the first-ever Postings.
It is planned that the icebreaker “Arctic” will return to the port of Murmansk in mid-December and after resupply will again go to the waters of the Northern sea route.