Russian fishermen will receive an updated electronic fishing magazine

The center of the fisheries monitoring and communication system has released an update of the Electronic fishing log for the fishing fleet.
The new version was created with the fishermen’s suggestions in mind for ease of use on a daily basis.
“CSMS has improved the functionality of the EPJ, taking into account the wishes of fishermen and the features of fishing pools. In fact, this is a single version of the software package with a bookmark for cross-border exchange, transfer of fishing data under commercial agreements outside the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation, and other features, ” said Maxim Tretyakov, acting head of the CSMS.

So, in the new version, there is a function for checking the compliance of the volume of VBR specified in fishing operations and obtained as a result of reverse recalculation by coefficients from the developed fish products.

The new system configuration makes it possible to perform all calculations with the required number of decimal places in the fractional part.

Also, the EPJ has functions for editing the remains of on-Board stocks immediately before sending the SSD and adjusting the amount of written-off raw materials for the release of fish products.
New types of operations have become available in the EPJ – accounting for catches at the places of delivery (unloading) and accounting for the specifics of the share of production (catch) of halibut. The total catch for all halibut species within the group is taken into account when calculating the development limits. Thus, the percentage of development is calculated in total for the position specified in the resolution.

In addition, verification of the validity of the codes specified in the SSD can also now be carried out through the EPJ for reference books: VBR, tools of production (catch), fishing zones.