The port of Posyet in Primorye will be able to receive Panamax type vessels after modernization

Panamax-a class of vessels whose dimensions are limited by the size of the old historical locks of the Panama canal. The size of these locks is 305 meters long, 33.5 meters wide, and 26 meters deep.
Grigory Plotnitsky, Deputy Minister of transport and road management of the Primorsky territory, said that the commercial port of Posyet will be able to accept Panamax-type vessels with a cargo capacity of up to 60 thousand tons. This was made possible by the implementation of the second stage of technical re-equipment, TASS reports.

“The company” Commercial port of Posyet “implements the investment project” Technical re-equipment of the port of Posyet”. The project provides for increasing the port’s cargo turnover to 8 million tons per year.<…> The implementation of the second stage of the project provides for the construction of a deep-water berth and dredging of an approach channel for receiving Panamax-type vessels with a capacity of up to 60 thousand tons, ” Plotnitsky said.

The first stage included the operation of the port’s transshipment complex. The terminal can unload about 400 wagons per day or 28 thousand tons of coal and load about 30 thousand tons of coal per day on ships.