Lessons on ships in real time — this new product for seafarers is being prepared by the satellite communications provider Inmarsat together with the British Maritime training company Tapiit Live.
Live training sessions will be available to crew members of nearly 10,000 vessels worldwide in the Fleet Xpress system.
According to Tapiit Live CEO Richard TURNER, this system can change the entire field of Maritime training.
According to him, the cost of the Internet with sufficient bandwidth for real-time streaming was so high that it was believed that training in the form of a live broadcast would not be available in the next 10 years.
He said:
“We are now ready to deliver this service to 10,000 vessels. The company has done a lot of technical work to compress the file size of videos, audio recordings, and presentations for real-time streaming.”
Ship owners can save a lot of money by using a new training method. For example, today 80% of their normal training costs are for travel, accommodation, household expenses and rental of premises.
Thanks to the virtual training system, seafarers will be able to learn on a flight from a computer, tablet or phone, while attending classes broadcast from studios in Liverpool and India, which will soon be joined by offices in America and Singapore.