Сancellation of paper ship’s daily reports

The center of the fisheries and communications monitoring system proposed to amend the order on the procedure for transmitting data to The industry monitoring system and fix only the electronic form of submitting ship daily reports.
“Now fishermen have the opportunity to transmit SSDS in the form of formalized messages and in electronic form. We have made draft changes to the order of the Federal Agency for fisheries, where we proposed to fix the submission of SSDS exclusively in electronic form. Of course, there will be a transition period, and the submission in W-format within 72 hours if it is impossible for technical reasons to submit the SSD in the form of an electronic document, we must prepare for this, because the W-format will become a thing of the past. It is outdated and has lost its relevance,” – said the head of the CSMS Artem Vilkin.
Currently, 131 vessels – almost 10% of the fishing fleet-submit their SSDS via the Electronic fishing log. “The EPJ works correctly, stably, does not raise any questions, and therefore we decided to completely switch to electronic SSDS. 721 the order will oblige fishermen to submit SSDS in electronic form, while they will be able to keep a fishing log, as before, in paper form and store it on Board,” said Artem Vilkin.
According to Vilkin, with the adoption and entry into force of the Federal law on EPJ and electronic permits, it will be possible to abandon the paper trade journal, the technological journal, and such a form as filing an SSD. “In other words, all this will be replaced by filling out the EPJ once a day,” he added.
The draft amendments to the procedure for transmitting data to the OSM also include proposals from fishermen received during joint discussions of the new regulations.

Origin: http://fishkamchatka.ru/articles/russia/37509/?sphrase_id=20920