Hybrid technologies in shipbuilding

The vessel with a fuel-cell propulsion system will be commissioned in 2021, the Italian shipbuilder said in a statement.
The ZEUS-type vessel will be equipped with a hybrid engine (2 diesel generators and 2 electric motors), which will be used as a conventional power plant. In addition, it will be equipped with a 130 kW fuel cell system based on 50 kg of hydrogen contained in 8 metal hydride cylinders, using technologies already used on Board submarines, and a battery pack.
This makes it possible to reduce emissions to almost zero when swimming for 8 hours at a speed of about 7.5 km. the Propulsion system can operate in several modes, including silent and eco-friendly operation only from lithium batteries, on electricity from fuel cells, on diesel generators during battery charging. The operating time in these modes will vary from 4 to 60 hours at a speed of 4 to 9 knots, Fincantieri reports.
The ZEUS project was designed to improve the environmental sustainability of cruise ships, megayachts, ferries, and Oceanographic research vessels by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, and particulate matter.