Vladivostok is the leader in container turnover in the far Eastern basin

According to the data of the analytical online service SeaNews PORT STAD, in July 2020, the container turnover of ports in the far Eastern basin increased by 5% compared to the indicator of July last year.

Positive dynamics is observed in almost all areas. Exports grew by 2.5%, imports by 4.8%, and cabotage by 13.9%. Transit, on the other hand, fell by 47.6%.

For the far Eastern basin, the total container turnover of all Russian seaports in July 2020 corresponded to 40.7%.

Loaded containers were processed by 6.5% more than in July 2019. Of the total volume loaded, 8.1% were refrigerated containers, and 91.9% were dry containers. 45.7% of loaded containers passed in import, 30.8% – in cabotage, 20.2% – in export and 3.3% – in transit.

Transshipment of empty containers increased by 1.5%.

In July of this year, the share of the port of Vladivostok in the total container turnover of the far Eastern basin was 56.9%, Vostochny handled 23%, and Korsakov accounted for 8.4%.




Origin : https://seanews.ru/2020/09/03/ru-kontejnerooborot-portov-dalnevostochnogo-bassejna-v-ijule-2020-goda-vyros-na-5/