Two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus


ACR SR-102 2-Channel VHF GMDSS Survival Craft Radio

  • Transmits and receives on VHF Channels 16 and 6
  • Capable of withstanding total immersion to 3.3 m
  • Floats to prevent being lost overboard like other radios
  • Can be stored in a survival craft for up to 5 years
  • Easily replaceable "push/twist/lock" battery; 5 year replacement life

    Operating frequency:
    Channel 16
    Channel 6

    156.800 MHz, Distress Calling
    156.300 MHz, Communications/USCG
    Power output (ERP):500mW ± 2.5dB
    Frequency control:Quartz crystal (±.001%)
    Modulation type:Phase
    Max. modulation:± 5kHz
    Audio width:300/2500Hz
    Sensitivity (12dB SINAD):1.0 µV
    Audio output:300 mW
    Battery type:Primary: lithium
    Storage life:10 years
    Operating life under typical duty:8 hours @ -20°C
    Temperature Range:20°C to +60°C
    Altitude:0 to 12000 m
    Water resistance:3m depth, max up to 5 minutes
    Dimensions (less antenna):193 × 99 × 43 mm
    Antenna:292 mm
    Weight (includes battery):0.5 kg


    GMDSS VHF radio ICOM IC-GM1600

  • Meets the strict environmental requirements for survival craft radio
  • Optional high capacity Lithium battery, BP-234, has superior low temperature characteristics
  • Large keypad with positive button action
  • Wide viewing angle LCD display
  • One touch access to Channel 16 and call channel
  • Highly visible yellow colored body
  • Bright LED indicator on the top of panel
  • Optional VOX headset for on-board use


    • BP-234 9.0V/3300mAh Lithium Battery Pack
    • BP-224/BP-225 Ni-Cd Battery Packs 750mAh/1100mAh
    • BC-119N Rapid Desktop Charger
    • HS-94 Earphone-Head Headset & HS-95 Behind-the-Head Headset
    • HM-125 Speaker-Microphone

    Frequency range:156.300C156.875 MHz
    Channels:100 programmable
    Output power:2W/1W (Hi/Low)
    Power supply:7.2/7.5V DC nominal
    Current drain:less than 1.0 A
    Audio output power:0.35W typ.
    Operating temperature:C20C to +60C
    Antenna impedance:50
    Dimensions:65 145 44 mm
    Weight (with BP-234):385g


    JMC RTP-1000 Handheld Marine Two-way Radio

  • Handheld portable VHF marine radio lets you enjoy freedom and mobility
  • All International, Canadian and US marine channels
  • Backlit LCD and keys for ease of operation, day or night
  • Triple Watch/Programmable Scan means you never miss a call.
  • NiMH rechargeable battery with alkaline battery capability
  • Full 5W setting for maximum range when you need it and 1W low power, maximizing battery life, when you don't.
  • IPX4 waterproof-rated and designed to protect against spray and splash

    Channels:All International, Canadian and US marine VHF channels
    Controls:Volume & Power On/Off, Squelch, CH Up/Down, CH16/CH9 or Triple Watch, 1W or 5W, Keypad Lock, PTT, UIC, Mem, Scan, Battery Strength Indicator, Lock
    Status Indicators:1W/5W, USA/INT/CAN, Triple Watch, TX, MEM, SCAN
    Channel Display:Backlit monochrome LCD
    Connectors:SMA Type (Female)
    Supply Voltage:12V DC Plug and 230V AC adapter (included)
    Dimensions:144 × 67 × 42 mm
    Weight:425 g with rechargeable battery & antenna
    Antenna Impedance:50Ω (nominal)
    Temperature Range:-20C to 55C
    Shock & Vibration:Meets or exceeds EIA Standards, RS152B and RS204C
    Power Source:NiMH rechargeable battery 7.2V/1200 mAH (included)
    Battery Tray (included), Type AA alkaline batteries (6 pcs. option)
    Power Output:1W or 5W (Switch selectable)
    Modulation:Modulation: FM 5 kHz deviation (F3E)
    Audio Distortion:Less than 3% at 3 kHz deviation with 1 kHz modulation
    Signal-to-Noise:45 dB at 3 kHz
    Spurious Suppression:-60 dB at 1W,
    -65 dB at 5W
    Frequency Stability:1.0 ppm (nominal)
    Frequency Range:

    156 to 158 MHz,
    156 to 163 MHz
    Sensitivity:-3 dBV
    Receiver:Dual conversion superheterodyne PLL
    Squelch Sensitivity:Tight 1 V
    Spurious Response:60 dB
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity:65 dB at 25 kHz
    Audio Output Power:Approx. 0.4W (10% THD)


    SAILOR SP3500 Portable series

    Communication is vital for safety and efficiency at sea so choosing a portable radio designed specifically for this harsh environment is a must. Fully waterproof, the SAILOR SP3500 portable series offers a model for all marine applications including GMDSS and new ATEX versions.

    With large tactile buttons and control knobs combined with a userfriendly interface, on board communication could not be simpler. Every SAILOR SP3500 series portable also comes with a large, easy to read display with a red backlight to protect your night vision.

    The SAILOR SP3500 portable series features seven high-quality, durable models specifically designed for marine use on all types of vessel including fishing, tanker, cargo or offshore, whilst at the same time offering superb value for your operation.

    • SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF
    • SAILOR SP3515 Portable VHF with scrambler and CTCSS
    • SAILOR SP3520 Portable VHF GMDSS
    • SAILOR SP3530 Portable VHF ATEX
    • SAILOR SP3540 Portable VHF ATEX GMDSS
    • SAILOR SP3550 Portable UHF
    • SAILOR SP3560 Portable UHF ATEX

    All feature powerful transceivers and high quality audio ensuring that all parties can be heard loud and clear even when working in windy and noisy conditions. The SAILOR name gives you confidence that your portable VHF was built for the job at sea, with such features as:

    • Dual Watch, Tri Watch and Scanning
    • Additional channels programmable
    • Robust design with large tactile buttons and a ribbed grip
    • Waterproof (IP67)
    • Large display
    • Excellent, powerful sound

    Frequency range:
    VHF radios
    UHF radios

    149.3 - 174 MHz
    440 - 470 MHz
    Channel Separation:
    SP3510, SP3520, SP3540
    other radios

    25 kHz
    25 and 12.5 kHz
    Pre-programmed channels:
    SP3520, SP3540
    SP3550, SP3560
    SP3510, SP3515, SP3530

    16 maritime UHF
    Int., US, Canadian and BI
    Additonal programmable channels:100
    Transmitter power (Hi/Lo):
    SP3510, SP3515, SP3550
    other radios

    Dimensions:209 × 276 × 80 mm


    Samyung STV-160 Marine Two-Way VHF Radio Telephone

  • Compliant with ITU-R, IMO Regulation
  • ITU. USA, CANADA Channel Available
  • Weather Channel Available
  • Memory Scanning Function
  • Dual Scanning Function
  • Waterproof at 1m Depth for 5 Minutes
  • Long Life Lithium & NiMH Battery
  • Power Saving Functions
  • Easy Operation with a Hand in Glove


    • VHF Radio STV-160
    • Flexible Antenna ANT-200
    • Lithium Battery (For Emergency Use) SPL-80
    • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (Rechargeable) SPN-72
    • Standard Charger Kit with AC Adapter SA-62/63
    • Belt Clip SA-64
    • Installation Manual
    Frequency Range:

    156.025 - 157.425 MHz
    156.025 - 163.275 MHz
    Channel Spacing:25 kHz
    Channels:All current USA, International and Canadian channels, plus 10 Weather Channels
    RF Output Power:Selectable 2W, 1W, 0.5W into 50Ω at 7.2VDC
    Supply Voltage:7.2 VDC 1350mAh
    Current Drain:

    190mA st 0.5W audio output (1kHz)
    Less than 1A at 2W, 0.7A at 1W, and 0.6A at 0.5W
    Battery Life:8 Hours (TX :10%, Standby : 90%)
    Spurious Emissions & Harmonic:-65dB at 2W,
    -55dB at 1W and 0.5W
    AF Distortion:Less than 3% at 1kHz for 3kHz deviation
    Max Deviation:5kHz
    Frequency Stability:5ppm
    FM Noise:More than -40dB below audio
    Receiver Circuit Type:Dual conversion superheterodyne
    Sensitivity:0.2V at 12dB SINAD
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity:More than 70dB
    Intermodulation Response:More than 65dB
    Spurious Response Rejection:More than 70dB
    Audio Output power:0.5W at 10% distortion into 8Ω load
    Operating Temperature:20C to +60C
    Dimensions:125 × 65.1 × 36 mm
    Weight:420 g